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Boat Listing

Brand: Ranger Model: Z522D Size: 22 X 95

With more deck space, lockable storage and total performance from start to finish, the Z522D Comanche has more of everything you need to take high performance angling to the next level. With an overall hull length of 22 foot 4 inches this powerhouse packs a maximum rating of 300 horses and a cockpit built for optimum comfort and convenience. Fifty eight gallons of fuel capacity center the frame while Sea Star Pro fluid steering, SRS Soft Ride Seating, and our esclusive internal fiberglass superstructure all work together to deliver an incredibly smooth, stable, and responsive ride. Inside, the massive decks cover a wealth of compartments, including lockable storage with tapered tubes for rods up to 8 foot 6 inches in length. A 7 guage instumentation cluster, digital ignition and switching, stainless steel compression lid lock system and on board charger all add up to absolute domination. The Z522D Comanche. It's built to take charge and leave everything else in its wake.

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